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Discover the best of a new generation of Nigerian musicians with Music Profiling! From famous religious artists to 21st century superstars, we have the latest in Nigerian music. Tune in and explore the sounds of the future


         Divine Ikubor, also known as Rema, Remmy Boy, or Rave Lorde was born on the 1st of May 2000 and raised in Benin City, Edo State.  The Nigerian Singer and rapper who has risen to mega-stardom started his music journey in 2018. He was a kid who didn’t have much but had a comfortable life. In his childhood, he performed at church programs and music sessions. Unfortunately, he lost his dad and brother a few years before he hit the stage. He had only his mother and sister as his support.

He began to focus on growing his music career. He spent three years making music productions people never knew about. Things took a different turn in 2018 after he caught the attention of the Jonzing Record label boss, D’Prince, Don Jazzy’s brother. He made an intense freestyle of D’Prince’s “Gucci Gang” that went viral and had people wondering who he was. D’Prince flew Rema to Lagos in 2019, where he was given a life-changing opportunity to join the Mavin Records.

Rema quickly began to make a name for himself in the Nigerian music scene. His unique sound and style caught the attention of audiences and critics alike. His debut single, "Iron Man," was an instant hit, and he followed it up with other successful tracks like "Dumebi" and "Beamer." Rema's music has been praised for its fusion of Afrobeat and trap, and his lyrics often touch on themes of love, heartbreak, and perseverance. He has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including a BET Award for Best International Act in 2020. Despite his success, Rema remains humble and focused on his craft. He has said that he wants to be remembered as an artist who made a difference in the world. His journey from a struggling artist to an international superstar is a true inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere.

Rema's exceptional talent lies in his seamless merging of various genres, including Afrobeat, hip-hop, trap, and dancehall, to create a distinctive and globally appealing sound. What sets him apart from his peers is his ability to infuse the art of different cultures into his music. While his Nigerian roots are evident, he also incorporates elements from other parts of Africa as well as international countries, making his music a true representation of diversity. Inspired by legendary figures like Fela Kuti, Drake, and Rihanna, Rema draws from a wide range of musical influences. He has mastered the art of blending different styles, resulting in a sound that resonates with both mainstream listeners and music enthusiasts. His youthful energy and effortless delivery further contribute to his appeal, attracting a diverse fan base. Rema’s contribution to the popularization of Afrobeat cannot be overstated. By incorporating various African rhythms and sounds into his work, he reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the continent, turning them into catchy melodies and captivating tunes. Moreover, he has also ventured into infusing elements from Indian and Arabic music into his repertoire, resulting in a unique fusion he calls 'Afro rave.' This innovative sound has not only introduced many people to Afrobeat but has also captivated listeners worldwide, making his music memorable and enjoyable. Rema's ability to seamlessly blend genres, infuse different cultural elements, and create a distinct sound has made him a standout artist. His music resonates with a global audience, promoting the popularity of Afrobeat and showcasing the richness of African and international musical influences.

The ‘Rave king’, has been creating headlines since arriving in India on a three-day tour. Videos from Rema’s debut concert in New Delhi have gone viral on social media, with many Nigerians swooning over the overwhelming support he received from Indian fans. Rema was moved by the outpouring of love he received from his Indian admirers, and he recorded a video of the crowd on his phone. To kick off his three-day tour of India, he began his performance today in the city of New Delhi. The concert was sold out and packed, making it perhaps the largest performance by an Afrobeat musician in India’s history.

According to various sources, his sold-out event caused jams in Delhi, with vehicles stuck in traffic for hours trying to get to their destinations. Watch the video of him playing the hit track Calm Down in front of a large crowd at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi, which has a capacity of 60,254 people. The show was sold out and packed to what was possibly the largest audience ever.

The Afro-rave musician has already revealed a pre-planned North American Tour schedule, which is set to take place on the following dates:


A key factor in Rema's rapid ascent to stardom lies in his digital savvy and his ability to connect with fans on a personal level. Utilizing social media platforms to his advantage, Rema has built a massive online following, engaging with his fans through interactive posts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and live performances. His charismatic presence and genuine interaction with supporters have helped solidify his position as a beloved figure in the hearts of his fans, who refer to themselves as the "Ravers."

 Rema has become a global phenomenon with his unique sound and style, making waves across the world as the Rave King. With his early success in Nigeria as a teenage artist, he quickly gained the attention of fans and industry leaders alike. Rema’s impact on the music industry goes beyond his music, as he has used his platform to advocate for social issues such as police brutality in Nigeria. Moreover, he has provided opportunities for young talents through his record label, Jonzing World. As Rema continues to soar to new heights, it's clear that his journey has only just begun. With each release, he pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo, creating music that resonates with a global audience. Beyond his musical endeavors, Rema is also passionate about social change, using his platform to address important issues such as youth empowerment and mental health awareness.


Dunsin Oyekan, a Nigerian gospel artist, is known for his unique approach to music, blending various genres, deep lyrical content, and a strong emphasis on spiritual worship. Born in 1984 in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, he began his music career in 2006 with his first album "Code Red," which established him as a prominent figure in the Nigerian gospel music scene. His music is characterized by a fusion of contemporary gospel, afro beat, rock, and traditional African rhythms, creating a captivating and dynamic musical experience.

Dunsin's lyrics often explore heartfelt themes, encouraging listeners to connect with God on a personal level. He has released several albums, including "The Gospel of the Kingdom," "Kingdom Now," and "The Birth of Revival," and continues to inspire and impact people worldwide through his music and ministry.

Dunsin Oyekan is a renowned Gospel musician known for his unique blend of rock, jazz, and African rhythms, as well as his powerful lyrics inspired by his Christian faith. He has won numerous awards and nominations, including the "Song of the Year" award at the African Gospel Music and Media Awards in 2018. His music serves as a conduit for believers to engage in heartfelt worship and encounter God's presence, creating an atmosphere of spiritual awakening and transformation. Oyekan's energetic stage presence and passionate live performances make him a unique Gospel performer, transforming and inviting audiences into a Spirit-filled and inviting atmosphere. His unique approach to gospel music and ability to blend musical styles while maintaining the Christian message of the Good News made him a standout performer.

Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian gospel musician who has a unique approach to worship music. He combines traditional African instruments and rhythms with gospel music, creating a unique sound that is distinct from other genres. His album "The Gospel of the Kingdom" combines African rhythms with gospel music, showcasing his ability to connect with listeners through song. Oyekan's music is influenced by his Christian faith and the teachings of the Bible, showcasing his love, serenity, and benevolence.

His music is shaped by his Christian faith and the musical traditions and rhythms of Africa, incorporating African percussion, drums, and other traditional instruments into his compositions. He has also been influenced by contemporary gospel artists, such as Don Moen, Nathaniel Bassey, Tye Tribbett, Hillsong Worship, Sinach, Tim Godfrey, and Chris Tomlin. He has also been inspired by various music genres, such as classical, jazz, and pop, to create a unique style.

One of Oyekan's most well-known live performances was at The Transforming Church in Gwarimpa, Abuja in 2022. The concert was a sell-out, and attendees reported feeling uplifted and inspired by his music. Oyekan's live performances are characterized by high energy, engaging audience participation, and his signature dance moves. His music has brought people together in a special way, making him a popular choice for moments of worship and celebration.

Dunsin Oyekan, a gifted singer and performer, is known for his powerful lyrics that aim to bring people closer to God. His live performances have been praised by fans and critics, with his music being described as "uplifting" and "inspiring." Oyekan's faith influences his lyrics, which often exalt and magnify God, expressing a deep reverence and awe for the divine. His songs often convey messages of love, grace, and faithfulness of God, encouraging listeners to trust in Him and surrender their lives to His will.


His songs often carry a message of hope, reminding listeners of the power of God to transform lives and bring about miracles. Oyekan is known for his ability to connect with audiences on a personal level and for experimenting with different genres and styles. He uses African rhythms and instruments, electronic beats, and synths to surprise and delight audiences with his music.

In conclusion, Dunsin Oyekan is a true innovator and visionary in the gospel music scene, breaking boundaries and reaching people in ways that traditional gospel music never could. He is redefining what it means to worship and inspiring us to embrace the beauty and power of God's love in new and exciting ways.


Afro-cultism is a captivating and immersive genre that combines traditional African music, folklore, and spirituality with contemporary expressions. It is deeply connected to African spirituality, promoting ancestral worship, mysticism, and personal growth. Odumodu Blvck, a 29-year-old Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter, is known for his versatility and blending of genres, particularly Afro-Grime and Afro-Drill. Born in Lagos state, Nigeria, Odumodu attended Christ the King College and graduated with a B.Sc. He pioneered Afro-Grime and Afro-Drill, a fusion of Afrobeat, Grime, and Drill music.

In 2022, he released "The Drop," a collaborative album with B.O.C Madaki, and his debut single "Picanto," which reached the Nigeria TurnTable Top 100 chart. Odumodu is part of the Anti-world Gangsters, a hip-hop collective that pushes beyond norms and creates unique sounds and art. His visionary artistry has earned him a fervent following both within Africa and internationally. Afro-cultism operates on the belief that music possesses an otherworldly power, a spiritual conduit capable of transcending conventional boundaries.

Odumodu Blvck, a Nigerian musician, is known for his mesmerizing Afro Cultism, a unique blend of traditional Nigerian music and contemporary elements. He showcases local music genres, championing values, history, and traditions deeply rooted within his community. His music transcends borders, captivating audiences worldwide and gracing the stages of prestigious music festivals. Blvck's music breathes life into Nigerian culture, ensuring its endurance in the face of an ever-changing world. Afro Cultism is a transformative journey that combines traditional Nigerian music with contemporary elements, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

Blvck's meticulous approach to instrumentation, including traditional Nigerian instruments like the talking drum, shekere, and kalimba, infuses them with a contemporary twist, bringing the weight of history to the roots of Nigerian music. This fusion of tradition and modernity gives Afro Cultism its distinctive edge, captivating listeners with its innovative soundscapes.

Odumodu Blvck's Afro Cultism is a unique blend of traditional and modern elements, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail. He skillfully balances traditional instruments with polished electronic elements, creating a harmonious blend that transcends time. Afro Cultism emphasizes storytelling, drawing inspiration from ancient folklore, mythology, and personal experiences. Blvck's lyrics explore themes of love, spirituality, social justice, and self-discovery, while his rich and evocative vocals draw listeners into a world of vivid imagery and emotional depth.

Blvck's fusion of tradition and modernity is a celebration of cultural identity, embracing Nigerian roots while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. His music is a testament to the richness and diversity of Nigerian music, beckoning listeners to embark on a journey that celebrates tradition while eagerly embracing the promises of the future. Blvck's music offers a creative blend of traditional and modern elements, incorporating elements from diverse modern genres like funk, soul, and hip-hop, while also incorporating afrobeat-inspired rhythms and sounds. His unique and entertaining music appeals to various audiences, fostering pride in local culture, promoting cultural exchange, encouraging creativity, and bringing people together.

Afro Cultism is a captivating blend of traditional Nigerian rhythms and contemporary electronic elements, featuring Odumodu Blvck's profound understanding of percussion instruments like the talking drum and udu. This genre celebrates and revitalizes ancestral traditions, ensuring their relevance in the contemporary music landscape. Blvck's innovative approach revitalizes traditional Nigerian music while ensuring its continued relevance in the contemporary music landscape. By blending traditional elements with modern influences, Blvck breathes new life into ancestral traditions, paying homage to Nigeria's rich cultural heritage and inspiring younger generations to explore their cultural heritage. Afro Cultism's impact on cultural preservation is evident in its ability to engage younger generations, making traditional Nigerian music more accessible and relatable. Blvck has been recognized internationally, with features in publications such as The Fader, Complex, and Billboard.

Odumodu Blvck's music resonates with young people in Nigeria and around the world, addressing issues like poverty, inequality, and police brutality. He is a rising star in the Nigerian music scene and a role model for those fighting for social justice. Blvck's artistic experimentation within Afro Cultism encourages other Nigerian musicians to explore their cultural roots and innovate within their respective genres, contributing to the preservation and revitalization of Nigerian music and culture. His unique approach, combining traditional Nigerian music with contemporary music, has captivated Nigerian youths, creating a dynamic and culturally rich musical style that is gaining appeal worldwide. Odumodu Blvck's relentless drill approach incorporates melodies influenced by high-life music and Nigerian Pidgin English, presenting detailed narratives about his community and daily encounters.

Odumodublvck, a Nigerian musician, gained popularity with his debut single 'DECLAN RICE' in 2023. This genre, known as "Afro cultism," blends traditional Afrobeat rhythms with contemporary electronic music, creating an innovative sound that showcases Nigeria's musical heritage. The genre uses traditional instruments and vocal techniques, creating an authentic African sound that resonates with audiences nationally and internationally. It pushes boundaries and breaks down barriers between different genres, inspiring future generations of Nigerian musicians. The lyrics of "Afro cultism" songs contain socio-political messages, focusing on hope, social justice, and human rights activism.

This unique and captivating musical phenomenon is poised to revolutionize Nigeria's music scene and showcase Nigeria's cultural richness to the world. It inspires listeners to move to the beat, engage in social activism, and embrace the beauty of African culture.

Odumodu Blvck Pioneers' "Afro cultism" has revolutionized Nigerian music by blending traditional African rhythms with modern electronic music. The genre's unique soundscapes and lyrical depth have captured the attention of music lovers worldwide. Blvck's innovative approach and commitment to preserving Nigerian musical heritage have attracted a diverse audience and inspired other artists to explore new musical territories. The genre serves as a cultural bridge, fostering pride among Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora. As Afro Cultism continues to evolve, its influence on the global music scene is set to grow, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape for years to come.

The addition of meaningful lyrics that touch on social issues has helped the genre stand out. The group's lyrics speak to issues of social justice and activism that are universal and relatable to people of all cultures. Blvck's strong influence on social media platforms allows fans to connect with him on a personal level and interact with him through comments, messages, and mentions. Overall, Odumodu Blvck Pioneers' "Afro cultism" has the potential to revolutionize the Nigerian music industry, and it is exciting to see what new sounds this new genre and other artists inspired by it will bring.

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