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My top 5 books that I will not regret and never forget


Gulliver’s Travel by Jonathan Swift 

“Gulliver's Travels”, the timeless masterpiece by Jonathan Swift, profoundly affects its readers, through imaginative narratives and social satire, the book holds up a mirror to society, highlighting its flaws and hypocrisies. This prompts readers to critically examine their reality and stimulates thought and discussion. The thought-provoking nature of the book encourages critical thinking and analysis, challenging societal norms and prompting intellectual exploration. By exploring human nature through diverse characters, Gulliver's Travels prompts readers to reflect on their own biases and behaviors. The book's impact on literary and intellectual culture is evident, influencing subsequent works and shaping discussions on society, politics, and human nature. On an individual level, Gulliver's Travels invites personal reflection and empathy, encouraging readers to question their own beliefs and values. It catalyzes personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world. In just 200 pages, Gulliver's Travels leaves a lasting impression, provoking introspection and sparking a desire for change in both the reader and the world.

Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels is a well-known work of satire in which Swift uses the conventions of a travelogue to criticize his civilization and its assumptions. The story makes fun of societal norms by exaggerating how ridiculous the characters and settings the narrator recounts are. Lemuel Gulliver, the first-person narrator of the book, is direct, devoid of interior feeling or self-awareness, and towards the conclusion, his initially trusting and naïve tone has changed to arrogant and spiteful. Gulliver's Travels critiques a variety of fields of knowledge that are more spectacular than helpful, including political, legal, scientific, and rhetorical knowledge. It also examines claims of moral or physical superiority. The piece argues that human comprehension has its boundaries.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights, the Gothic masterpiece by Emily Brontë, profoundly affects readers with its haunting portrayal of love, revenge, and obsession. This captivating novel delves into the depths of human nature, exploring themes of class, social norms, and the destructive power of unchecked passion. Through its raw emotions and complex characters, Wuthering Heights leaves an indelible mark on its readers, provoking introspection and evoking a range of emotions. Wuthering Heights is a profound and transformative novel that captivates readers with its exploration of passion, revenge, and human nature. Through its intense emotions, dark themes, complex characters, and atmospheric setting, Emily Brontë's masterpiece leaves a lasting impression. The novel challenges readers' perspectives and fosters introspection, inviting them to delve into the depths of their own emotions and question societal norms. Wuthering Heights is a captivating and enduring work that continues to resonate with readers, reminding us of the power of love, obsession, and the complexities of the human soul.

In Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff's love for Catherine Earnshaw and the obstacles posed by their disparate social classes are central themes. Although Heathcliff and Catherine shared a childhood, and she adores him to the point where she tells Nelly, "He's more myself than I am, whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same” Nevertheless she is unable to picture herself wed to him. Heathcliff will never be viewed as an equal of the Wuthering Heights family, although he was raised with the Earnshaw kids and is much loved by both Catherine and old Mr. Earnshaw. He becomes fixated on taking possession of the property and having his descendants rule Earnshaw’s' descendants as a result of this class-based elimination. Heathcliff's passion for Catherine transforms into a deranged pursuit for prestige and power, as well as a means of punishing anybody who stood in his way because he is unable to be with her.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the beloved children's classic by Lewis Carroll, captivates readers with its whimsical and imaginative narrative. This enchanting tale takes readers on a surreal journey through a world filled with eccentric characters, nonsensical situations, and delightful wordplay. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact on its readers, inspiring creativity, curiosity, and a sense of wonder. Let's explore how this extraordinary book affects readers, inviting them to embrace their imagination and question the limits of reality. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland unlocks the doors to boundless imagination. Carroll's vivid descriptions of Wonderland and its inhabitants transport readers to a realm where logic takes a backseat, and imagination reigns supreme. The nonsensical situations and fantastical creatures encountered by Alice spark the reader's creativity and encourage them to explore the limitless possibilities of their imagination. This whimsical journey invites readers to embrace their inner child and see the world through a fresh lens of wonder and curiosity.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a whimsical and enchanting journey that leaves readers spellbound. Through its imaginative narrative, playful wordplay, and memorable characters, Lewis Carroll's classic inspires readers to embrace their creativity, challenge the boundaries of reality, and celebrate their individuality. This delightful tale sparks the reader's imagination, invites philosophical reflection, and instills a sense of wonder that lingers long after the final page. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a timeless masterpiece that continues to captivate and inspire readers of all ages, reminding us of the power of imagination and the joy of embracing the extraordinary within the ordinary.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short story "A Scandal in Bohemia" features his renowned detective, Sherlock Holmes. Following Holmes as he is recruited by the King of Bohemia, who is set to be blackmailed with photographic proof of his prior extramarital affairs with opera diva Irene Adler, the story focuses on their relationship. Holmes is tasked with locating the damning photograph, but Adler outsmarts him right away. In the end, Holmes is pleased by her shrewdness and declines to assist the monarch with his blackmail plot any further.

In "A Scandal in Bohemia," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduces readers to Irene Adler, the lone woman to have ever outwitted Sherlock Holmes.

The story opens with the King of Bohemia, a significant figure in Europe, contacting Sherlock Holmes and presenting him with an odd mission. The king has discovered that an embarrassing photo of him and Adler might jeopardize the marriage and damage his reputation in public view. The king is getting married soon. Holmes offers to assist in getting the picture back, but his efforts are eventually fruitless since Adler turns out to be smarter and savvier than he initially thought.

We observe Holmes solving the puzzle of Adler's actions and intentions throughout the narrative. Her knowledge and quick reasoning excite him, and even his respect for her outwitting him. Given that Holmes typically believes women are less intelligent than males, this is extremely shocking.

The narrative also emphasizes Adler's strength and independence, showing that she won't submit to authority figures like kings or cunning detectives. Despite being threatened with violence, she maintains control of the situation the entire time, refusing to give over the photo or comply with the king's demands.

Holmes ultimately develops a renewed respect for Adler and acknowledges her as one of the very few people who have ever managed to surpass him, even though his attempt to reclaim the photograph is unsuccessful. This narrative was influential in the creation of detective fiction because of its undercurrent of respect and adoration for strong, independent women, which was a novel and uncommon idea for literature at the time.


The classic novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker relates the tale of the vampire Count Dracula, who travels to England in search of fresh blood to maintain his immortality. The tale of the book is conveyed through a collection of letters and journal entries written by the numerous persons who appear in it. A group of brave people, including Professor Van Helsing, set out to stop Dracula from preying on young ladies. The book is regarded as one of the best horror books of all time and covers themes of love, mortality, and sexuality. 


In the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker, an old vampire makes his way from Transylvania to England in search of new blood. The novel is a Gothic horror classic that is told through the main protagonists' journals, letters, and newspaper clippings. It looks at issues like love, death, and sexuality.

Young lawyer Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania at the start of the book to assist wealthy lord Count Dracula in buying a property in England. Harker learns as he explores Dracula's castle that his host is not who he seems to be, as he is a vampire looking to infect others with his affliction. Despite Dracula's quick pursuit of Harker to England, where he starts to prey on young women, including Harker's fiancée, Mina. Mina, along with her friend Lucy and Professor Van Helsing, set out to stop Dracula and protect those they love. They piece together clues about Dracula's origins and learn that he has supernatural powers which allow him to manipulate the minds of others. Meanwhile, Lucy becomes increasingly ill, and it's revealed that she has been converted into a vampire. She is killed by Van Helsing, who believes it is the only way to end her suffering. In the dramatic conclusion of the novel, Van Helsing takes a group to Dracula's castle in Transylvania, where they fight the Count one more time. Dracula has turned Mina into a vampire, and she can kill him just as he is ready to do so. The characters are free to lead new lives when Dracula's death lifts the curse. Overall, "Dracula" is a chilling story that has had a significant impact on popular culture, cementing the vampire as a horror icon and inspiring countless adaptations across multiple forms of media.


For the past few years, a section of Instagram and Tiktok has been dedicated to the art of books, creating content in hundreds of thousands from a notable number of influencers from both platforms. Bookstagram and Booktok have had a record number of books to headline its content for a period of time, books that are hyped for many reasons, be it the author, book cover, characters in the book, or writing style, and many people indulge in these books because of the hype. But the question is, are they really worth all that hype?


  1. The first book on the list is the current sensation ‘FOURTH WING’ from the USA Today Best-selling author, REBECCA YARROS.


FOURTH WING is a fantasy romance book set in the fantasy kingdom of Navarre, home to the Basgiath War College where the story revolves around.


Violet Sorrengail is a fragile girl who has trained all her life to become a scribe, but after her father’s death, her mother has her training intensely to join the coveted rider’s quadrant, where there are only two ways to leave, either you die or you graduate. And Violet doesn’t want to die. So she has to fight and hope a dragon chooses her. With her mother being a general and her older siblings being star riders, she has a target on her back and a lot of expectations to fulfill.


After a lot of consideration and an intense book hangover, this book is most definitely worth all the hype. From the amazing character development to the amazing chemistry of the characters, this book is just…wow. Only a few books can create that spark in a reader, and after a few slow chapters, the hours were worth it. This book is one I would recommend to anyone and the standing fact that this book ends in a cliffhanger just means I am definitely reading the next book and the one after that.


  1. One of Bookstagram’s long-lasting hype was ‘THE CRUEL PRINCE’ by the New York Times Bestselling Author, HOLLY BLACK.


THE CRUEL PRINCE is a fantasy book that focuses on the life of Jude Duarte, a human girl who lives amongst faeries after witnessing her parent’s murder. She is determined to prove herself worthy in a world that despises everything she is. No matter what. It is the first out of the completed ‘FOLK AIR SERIES’.


Honestly, I could not even get through the first three chapters, let alone the entire book. I could not just wrap my head around the characters and the plot was just not making any sense. I did not finish this book and therefore, my verdict is, this book is not worth the hype it is given. The book was poorly constructed and honestly could have just ended in one book. But if you can sit and read past chapter 3 the story may be more understanding but I’m writing on a biased perspective as the book to me was not worth all the hype it’s getting.


  1. ‘A COURT OF THORNES AND ROSES’, famously referred to as ACOTAR, written by SARAH J. MAAS, is one fantasy book that was holding the reigns of one of the most popular books on both platforms. The book still decorates many content creators’ shelves as one of the best books written by a bestselling author.
















  • is a fantasy romance book set in the fictional kingdom of prythian. When 19-year-old Feyre kills a wolf, she is taken over the wall that separates the mortal lands from the faerie lands to live with a beastly High Fae as punishment for killing an innocent faerie unprovoked. But the longer Feyre stays in the faerie lands, she realizes that all is not well on this part of the wall and soon this wrongness might creep onto mortal lands and doom everyone there. She realizes the faerie worlds are not at all what the stories say and that she may be the only one who can save both worlds. This is the first book in a five-part series.


The entire book series has been hyped by the Bookstgram & Booktok community as a spectacular book from an author who never disappoints. Sarah J. Maas has had a number of her book headline the Bookstagram & Booktok fantasy world. is the kind of book that is hard to put down once its been picked up. The secrecy of the characters only makes the reader want to know more and the way the author expertly ensures that each and every creature mentioned is thoroughly explained for the readers’ benefits. This book is an absolute 10/10 and is definitely worth the hype.


  1. ‘NOVEMBER 9’ is a New York Times Bestselling book written by COLLEEN HOOVER. Colleen Hoover headlined Bookstagram & Booktok with at least 10 books including November 9 for the better part of 2022.

















 NOVEMBER 9 is about two teenagers who met at the wrong time. This book is not a cheesy romcom, but a book that can make even the most strong-minded people shed tears. November 9 follows Ben & Fallon in a span of five years. After 18-year-olds, Fallon, a former teen actress, and Ben, an aspiring writer, meet by Chance on November 9th, the anniversary of Fallon’s near-death experience, the pair agree to meet once a year, every November 9, for the next five years because Fallon is moving across the country, only learning more about each other that day they meet. But secrets can break even the purest of bonds.





NOVEMBER 9 takes the reader on a ride of self-realization and love in every chapter. The deep emotions attached to the special date and the way each of them makes sure they meet each year no matter what is a kind of love story that breaks hearts. Each chapter, each year, and every sentence Ben writes in his book, not only makes sure you don’t get bored but also makes you emotionally invested. This book is a must-read and is worth your time.


  1. In order to talk about Bookstagram & Booktok, we have to talk about what made it so popular. The Tiktok sensation, ‘THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS’, by the New York Times Bestselling Author, ALI HAZELWOOD, not only put Bookstagram & Booktok on the map but shone a light on not only published authors but independent authors as well.




‘THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS’ is a romantic comedy that follows Olive, a woman in STEM, an undergraduate who is surrounded by patriarchy in the STEM community and the community’s unlikely attitude towards women in STEM. Olive is in a bit of a pickle after kissing Adam Carlsen, the well-known ruthless professor in her department in order to prove a point to her best friend. Now Olive is stuck with Adam putting up a farce, not only to her best friend but to the entire school.


Olive and Adam are the cutest couple ever and that is just all I have to say. The chemistry between both of them is just spectacular and Olive’s ability to fight the patriarchy and excel is just wonderful. And pumpkin spice latte.


If this book is not worth the hype? What is? A good read that I wish I could forget it to read it all over again.


By manipulating the narrative, authors have long used their creative power to challenge their readers’ expectations and leave them in awe of their creative ideas.

Prepare to be blown away as we embark on this exciting journey through some of the most amazing plot twists in books. These surprises will completely redefine the way you view storytelling and the realities of life itself.

So, get ready for an unforgettable reading experience as we unveil these incredible twists, carefully handpicked to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now, without revealing too much, here are some glimpses into the worlds of some amazing characters, that will draw you in with the gripping tales.

Get ready to have your mind blown!

(Spoilers below)


1. One of us is lying by Karen McManus


In One of Us Is Lying, four high school students become murder suspects after a classmate dies during detention from an allergic reaction.

After several unexpected turns and dead ends in the investigation, it comes as a huge surprise to the police and the whole of the Bayview community when it is revealed that Simon, in some way had a hand in his own death. He planned the events surrounding his own demise by setting the stage for an elaborate and creative death that would make him the talk of the town for many years to come.

It was revealed by his best friend that he had grown bitter about being an outsider and his solution was seeking revenge for his own mistreatment, by cleverly crafting a plan that would eventually cause chaos.

He orchestrated everything to make it seem like the other main characters were involved, making people doubt their innocence and distracting them from his true evil intentions.

His cleverness and manipulation show the dark extent to which he was willing to go to make sure his actions had long-lasting consequences for those around him.




2. - Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


In Everything, Everything, Madeline Whittier, a sickly 18-year-old is confined to the safety of her home due to a rare illness.

The disease made her extremely vulnerable to infections, so she couldn't go outside or interact with others. Every aspect of her life was affected, making her feel lonely and isolated. However, when she forms a friendship with her neighbour, Olly, her world changes forever. Her desire to see the outside world deepens when she sees him living a normal life.

His friendship and care make her see things in a different perspective. He pushes her to try new things, face her fears, and live life to the fullest.

However, Madeline's world takes a huge turn when she escapes from her home to Hawaii with Olly. During the trip, Ollie shows Madeline a life she never knew existed and doubts about her diagnosis start creeping in because she is able to breathe normally without unfiltered air. With her own investigation, she discovers the shocking truth her mother hid from her and makes her question her entire existence.

The plot twist is revealed when she discovers her diagnosis was actually a lie, and she didn't have any disease at all. Her mother had lied to her from the beginning because she’s the last surviving child after a tragic accident took her father and brother away.


3. - The secret lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin


After the arrival of Bolanle, Baba Segi’s latest wife, things get complicated in his large family. The other wives don't exactly welcome her with open arms because she's different. Bolanle is educated and challenges the traditional roles they've always known and been taught. They feel threatened by her presence and worry about their own positions in the household. Their clash of personalities and values leads to major conflicts in the family while revealing the deep insecurities and jealousy among Baba Segi’s wives.

However, Bolanle becomes the talk of the town when she can’t produce a child for Baba Segi. After several attempts, she convinces Baba Segi to come with her to the hospital to get checked. After undergoing a series of tests, the doctor revealed that his sperm count was extremely low, making it impossible for him to father children. All the children he thought belonged to him, suddenly weren’t his anymore.

This revelation shatters Baba Segi's masculinity and challenges the entire existence of his polygamous marriage while also revealing a lot of dark secrets from his and his wife’s past.


4. -Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Purple Hibiscus, one of the most memorable books in African literature, tells the story of Kambili Achike, a young Nigerian girl in her strict and abusive household.

When Kambili visits her aunt's home in Nsukka, she discovers a world she never thought existed. A world of love and freedom, contrasting the boring and tension-packed world she lived in alongside her mother, Beatrice, her father, Eugene, and Jaja her brother.

Eugene and Beatrice's relationship in Purple Hibiscus is very complicated. Eugene is a strict and controlling man who loves to impose his religious beliefs on the family and exercises his power through physical and emotional abuse.

The plot twist unfolds when the very dark truth about Beatrice, Eugene's wife, is revealed. It turns out that Beatrice has been secretly poisoning her husband's tea over the years.

The revelation of Eugene's death in Purple Hibiscus took everyone by surprise because of the expectation that if he were ever to meet his death, it would be due to his newspaper, The Standard, which fearlessly criticized and attacked the government’s authoritative and controlling actions.


5. Verity by Colleen Hoover



Verity is an exciting, interesting, and mind-gripping book that will have you on the edge of your seat because of the twists and turns that will shock you at every turn.

The story centers around Lowen, an aspiring writer who is given the opportunity to finish the popular book series by the popular author Verity Crawford. However, as Lowen studies Verity's unfinished manuscript, she discovers many secrets that expose the dark side of Verity's life.

These secrets include Verity's manipulative behaviour toward her own family, especially toward her husband and children. Lowen also discovers Verity's very cunning and dark side that she developed just so she could have all the attention on her.

It is revealed however in her manuscript that the tragic accident that took away her daughter was simply a strategic plan to kill her and become the spotlight in the family again. Lowen reveals this information to her husband, Jeremy and he kills Verity out of anger and hatred.

The biggest plot twist is revealed after a long time in a letter by Verity where she claims that her unfinished manuscript was merely an attempt at her imagination and none of those things ever happened.



Plot twists are the secrets to making stories unforgettable. So, embrace the excitement of these unexpected surprises and keep guessing up until the end.

Happy reading!

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